When Pomegranates Howl
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When Pomegranates Howl

Fri Apr 22 2:30 PM

CHEC Theatre
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Fri Apr 22

The second feature by the acclaimed Iranian-Australian poet and filmmaker, Granaz Moussavi presents a picture of Kabul rarely seen, through the eyes of a street-smart young boy working to support his family.

Nine-year-old Hewad is the breadwinner of his family, energetically hustling everything from pomegranate juice to amulets warding off the evil eye. Determined to become movie star, things look hopeful when Hewad meets an Australian photographer.

But in a city where it is easy to be ‘martyred,’ the streets are as perilous as they are vibrant.

In the tradition of the great child-centred works of Kiarostami and Amir Naderi (to whom the film is dedicated) this affecting slice-of-life tale, based on real events, is brought to life by exceptional performances, and evocative images.

In Pashtu and Persian with English subtitles.
Fri Apr 22

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CHEC Theatre

363 Hogbin Drive Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, 2450