The Leadership
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The Leadership

Fri Apr 23 11:00 AM
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CHEC Theatre
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97 Mins
Set against one of Earth’s last pockets of glorious untouched wilderness, The Leadership follows the maiden voyage of the first Homeward Bound program, designed to prepare women in STEMM for leadership roles within their respective fields – set against the sublime icy backdrop of the southern continent.

Onboard the mammoth ocean liner is Australian Fabian Dattner, female CEO, ‘dreamer’, and Founder of the landmark Homeward Bound leadership program. Fabian’s vision is that once the professionals are equipped with the skills to lead in science, they can start to make meaningful change around the world. Over the 20-day trip, however, political and philosophical tensions slowly begin to simmer as the team begin to open up about discrimination and challenges they face within their respective fields.

At a time when ensuring and valuing the integrity of science have never been more important, Ili Baré's, The Leadership inspires as a call-to-arms, inviting us to imagine a world where women are steering the ship.

Following the film, there will be a panel discussion, with film Director, Ili Baré, Fiona Williams , Head of SBS Movies, plus Director of the National Marine Science Centre at Southern Cross University, Professor Kirsten Benkendorff, and Professor Marianne Wallis, Director of Research in the School of Health and Human Sciences at Southern Cross University.

CHEC Theatre

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