Spaceballs: 35th Anniversary
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Spaceballs: 35th Anniversary

Spaceballs: 35th Anniversary

Wed May 4 7:00 PM

CHEC Theatre
Assisted Listening
100 Percent
Allocated Seating
96 Mins
Wed May 4


May the Force…ahem, may the SCHWARTZ be with you!

In honour of a certain day that sounds like a certain phrase from a certain space movie, join the SWIFF team for a raucous night of good, ol-fashioned ‘80’s spoof with Mel Brooks’ ridiculous, hilarious, and endlessly quotable 1987 sci-fi send-up, Spaceballs – the special anniversary screening.

In a galaxy that’s like, SUPER far away there lived a ruthless race of beings known as Spaceballs. Having squandered their precious air supply, the evil Dark Helmet (in what might be Rick Moranis’ finest performance) turns his attention to peaceful neighbouring planet Druidia, plotting to kidnap Princess Vespa on her wedding day - a ransom ploy for Druidia’s sweet, sweet Perri-Air.

Enter Lonestar: Bounty hunter (a baby-faced Bill Pullman), pilot of the Eagle-5 - a flying Winnebago crewed by himself and his half-man-half-dog-all-sidekick, Barf (a riotous John Candy). Owing a million Spacebucks to notorious and oily crime boss Pizza the Hut, the heroical heroes heroically take on the mission to return the Druish, (funny, she doesn’t look Druish) Princess Vespa to safety - for a pretty fee.

Prepare to jump to ludicrous speed, learn the ways of the Schwartz from the wise Yogurt, comb the desert, jam the radars, and buckle up for a zany adventure that’s legally distinct for copyright reasons.

“So, Lone Starr, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb.”- Dark Helmet 
Wed May 4


CHEC Theatre

363 Hogbin Drive Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, 2450