Irreversible: Inversion Integrale
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Irreversible: Inversion Integrale

Tue Jan 21 8:30 PM

Jetty Memorial Theatre
Assisted Listening
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General Admission
Unclassified 18+
86 Mins
Tue Jan 21

Australian Premiere 

Visionary director and seasoned Cinema Du Corps regular Gaspar Noe (Climax, SWIFF’19) returns with a completely new recut of his controversial 2002 masterpiece Irreversible - famous for the reverse chronological order it was released in - starting with the end of the film and ending with the beginning. Irreverisble- Inversion Intergrale has been boldly recut to play in sequential order, bringing a fresh and fascinating perspective to the film.

Played out over one traumatic night in Paris, the beautiful Alex (a hauntingly memorable performance by Monica Bellucci) is savagely attacked and left comatose in an underpass. Her boyfriend Marcus (the electrifying Vincent Cassel) goes after her attacker, the violent night culminating in a bar in downtown Paris.

“Why this film? Because the original was told backwards and many viewers, swamped by the anticlockwise structure of the editing, didn’t understand certain aspects of the story. Presented clockwise, everything is clear and also darker… You will see. Time reveals all things.” - Gaspar Noe

SWIFF audiences will be the first in Australia to see the new cut.

French with English subtitles
Contains flashing imagery that may trigger individuals with photosensitive epilepsy
Tue Jan 21


Jetty Memorial Theatre

337 Harbour Drive Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450