Blinded by the Light
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Blinded by the Light

Sat Jan 11 3:45 PM
Selling Fast

Jetty Memorial Theatre
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114 Mins
During the doldrums of the Thatcher years, there's not much for a bright UK teenager to do in the drab factory town of Luton, England, except plot how to get out. It's worse if you, like Javed (Viveik Kalra), are pressured by your embittered workaholic father, worse still if you're menaced by racist skinheads. But when a friend gives Javed a Bruce Springsteen mixtape, he suddenly discovers that although he wasn't born in the U.S.A., he was definitely born to run. The Boss’s working-class anthems and affirming lyrics seem to speak directly to Javed, emboldening him to find his own voice as a writer, stand up to the racism around him, and challenge his father’s rigid ideals.

A joyous and hilarious musical companion piece to writer/director Gurinder Chadha’s Bend It Like Beckham. Heart-warming and inspiring, Javed’s story reminds us of the transformative, universal power of music to transcend race, class, and nationality and bind us all on a human level.

Jetty Memorial Theatre

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