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United Skates

Fri Jan 18 4:00 PM

Jetty Memorial Theatre
Assisted Listening
100 Percent
General Admission
Unclassified 15+
89 Mins
Fri Jan 18

Taking out the Audience Award at Tribeca, United Skates pulses with daredevil cinematography, wild dance moves, and a dazzling underground soundtrack.

Whether freewheeling to the emerging sounds of hip-hop, the yet to be discovered Dr Dre and Queen Latifa, or the strains of R'n'B, roller skating rinks have long been a haven for black communities, whilst giving rise to some of the world’s greatest musical talents. Driven underground by unofficial segregation policies and the constant threat of losing rinks to real estate development, skaters are forced to fight to keep their communities thriving. 

Featuring interviews with Salt-N-Pepa and Coolio, co-directed by Aussie, Tina Brown, and Dyana Winkler in their first feature documentary, United Skates is a joyful celebration of an off-the-radar dance and music scene, showing off electrifying dance moves and passionate social activism. 

"Like such trendsetting classics as Paris Is Burning and Rize, this kaleidoscopically vibrant, essential-viewing survey plunges audiences into a dazzling underground scene, celebrating the endangered art form it finds there." – Variety

Fri Jan 18


Jetty Memorial Theatre

337 Harbour Drive Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450