Three Identical Strangers
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Three Identical Strangers

Sun Jan 13 2:15 PM
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Jetty Memorial Theatre
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Unclassified 15+
96 Mins
Sun Jan 13

Thu Jan 17

Winner - Special Jury Prize - Sundance Film Festival

 In 1981, a freshman arrives at his new college dorm for his first day at college. People are waving and asking how his Summer was, but he's never met them before. A student comes up and mentions he didn't think he'd be back this year. The penny drops - people are mistaking him for someone else. 

The freshman finds out he has an identical twin brother he doesn't know about. Both adopted out at birth to different families. The long-lost brothers meet. It makes news headlines - an incredible story. Twins separated at birth and brought together by chance.

 Then something even more astonishing happens. There's a third. Also adopted out at birth. 

Then the plot thickens, sliding deeper down an unbelievable rabbit hole that will have you reaching for your tin foil hat. 

One of the most riveting documentaries of 2018, director Tim Wardle's Three Identical Strangers is an extraordinary, gripping true story, you couldn't make it up if you tried.

Sun Jan 13

Thu Jan 17


Jetty Memorial Theatre

337 Harbour Drive Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450