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Terror Nullius

Fri Jan 11 8:15 PM
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Bellingen Memorial Hall
General Admission
Unclassified 15+
54 Mins
Fri Jan 11

Soda_Jerk's video mash-up of Australian cinema aims to un-write what it means to be Australian. Welcome to Terror Nullius

Created by the highly political, New York based art collective, the film made headlines this year when the Ian Potter Cultural Trust withdrew its support for this “very controversial piece of art”. Painstakingly patchworked together from hundreds of Australia's most iconic film and television sources, Terror Nullius revisits our nation's film history - but a history lesson, this ain't. 

Self-described by the duo as “a political revenge fable which offers an un-writing of Australian national mythology”, Terror Nullius is pure fun; a part political satire and road movie where animals and minorities conspire, and not-so-nice guys finish last. Where Russell Crowe’s Romper Stomper ‘Hando’ collides with a vengeful seagull, and Mel Gibson’s ‘Mad Max’ is set upon by feminist bike gangs, including a young Nicole Kidman with BMX in tow. 

Audiences will have an opportunity to hear from artists Soda_Jerk in discussion following the screening.

Fri Jan 11


Bellingen Memorial Hall

35 Hyde Street Bellingen, New South Wales, 2454

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