Island of the Hungry Ghosts
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Island of the Hungry Ghosts

Sat Jan 12 12:30 PM

Bellingen Memorial Hall
General Admission
Unclassified 15+
94 Mins
Sat Jan 12

Winner · Best Documentary Feature · Tribeca Film Festival 

Forty million crabs head out of the jungle and into the ocean each year on Christmas Island, driven by the eons-old instinctive tradition, guided by the moon. 

The irony of this en masse migration is not missed by director Gabrielle Brady, with clear juxtaposition to the 800 asylum seekers held in indefinite detention on the island, waiting for their future to unfold. 

Poh Lin is a trauma counsellor living on Christmas Island, providing detainees support and therapy. Most of her treatment recommendations go unheeded by authorities on the island, often detainees do not show up at all, with no explanation given as to their well being. 

With stunning cinematography, and a Best Documentary win at Tribeca, Island of the Hungry Ghosts brings home a story for those seeking definition to their own, crafting a unique and moving meditation on politics, people and primeval nature.

Sat Jan 12

Bellingen Memorial Hall

35 Hyde Street Bellingen, New South Wales, 2454

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