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Inventing Tomorrow

Sat Jan 12 12:30 PM

Jetty Memorial Theatre
Assisted Listening
100 Percent
General Admission
All Ages
89 Mins
Sat Jan 12

Inspiration from the next generation of bright thinkers, on the road to the world’s largest science fair. 

In Bangalore, Sahithi works to reduce toxic waste pouring into the ‘city of a thousand lakes’. Across the globe, in one of Mexico’s most industrial cities, Jesus, Jose and Fernando are exploring ways to improve air quality. Nuha is seeking a solution to the ocean pollution affecting her Indonesian island home, and in Hawaii, Jared is inspired by his grandmother’s survival of two tsunami’s. 

They’re all on their way to the International Science and Engineering Fair to present their world-changing ideas. With echoes of crowd favourite spelling bee doco, Spellbound, director Laura Nix treats her subjects as the outstanding young scientists they are, but also as real teenagers, who sing pop-songs and crush on their peers. 

Uplifting and reaffirming, Inventing Tomorrow is a joyous celebration of adolescent determination. 

“This snapshot of adolescent ingenuity and innovation… can’t help but leave the viewer feeling hopeful about the future.” Variety 

Recommended All Ages

Sat Jan 12


Jetty Memorial Theatre

337 Harbour Drive Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2450