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Behind the Curve

Sat Jan 12 2:30 PM

Bellingen Memorial Hall
General Admission
Unclassified 15+
99 Mins
Sat Jan 12

Journey to the centre of the Flat Earth movement, where the only thing they fear is sphere itself. 

You’d be forgiven for thinking belief in a flat Earth was left behind in the dark ages. But in the age of fake news, a community who believe that NASA is covering up a flat, terrarium style Earth, is organising their first convention, bringing members from around the “globe” together. 

Exploring healthy scepticism versus outright denial, alongside the power of community, Clarke’s humanistic approach sees both the danger of encouraging ignorance whilst never treating his subjects with scorn. Meet the superstars, artists, and pseudoscientists of the movement, alongside psychologists, astrophysicists, and even astronauts who balance out the outlandish beliefs and explain where they might have come from. 

If you’ve ever wondered where these conspiracy theories are born, don’t miss this hilarious yet touching look at a community that comes full circle with some sensational ideas.

Sat Jan 12


Bellingen Memorial Hall

35 Hyde Street Bellingen, New South Wales, 2454